Sneak & Slide

Together with Director James Frei and Photographer & Designer Jorgelina Zabert we created this piece at Bofill’s Walden 7. -

Art can dance - collab with David Zambrano

Somehow I’m always surfing in my imagination between two worlds that are my passion, dance and design. When I envision movements or performances, I see them in textures and colors and vice versa. This is a constant drive for me in search of new ways to create and express that conversation into something. Being BIENCATON one of those expressions becoming a vibrant and colorful dance wear, inspired mostly by the practical needs that dancers face while doing Flying Low. 

After hearing David talking about selling art and other things to gather money for Tic Tac, an idea came to my mind: What if we can make that art move and affordable for those who visit Tic Tac the most, Dancers. And I immediately imagined creating patterns out of David’s drawings and printing them on the pants to make them even more special and playful, and so we could transform the art into something functional inside the thing we love to do: Dance. 

I’m very grateful for this collaboration and for David’s trust in the idea. - Photography by