60 days Improvisation Intensive with David Zambrano

A dance journey of 60 days, with 60 dancers from all over the world, which took place at Tic Tac Art Centre, Brussels, Celebrating David’s 60th birthday anniversary

It was a life changing experience and enriching adventure, that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. 

David passionately shares more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in dance, influencing every generation with his unique approach. He creates an atmosphere where talking and debating is an essential part of getting to know each other beyond movement, reflecting on life and art, making us feel like family.

Learning the craft of improvisation was much about listening and being fully present, when it worked, it was very clear, magic happened.

Workshop by tictacartcentre.com - Photography by arnaudbeelen.be

Linda Kapetanea

One of the most powerful dancers I’ve seen and gotten to know. She inspires me and so many other dancers with her strength and lightness, speed and precision. 

Co-founder of Fighting Monkey and ROOTLESSROOT, artistic director of Kalamata Dance Festival. This woman is unstoppable.


Irene Occhiato

Multitalented artist, Irene is a dancer, performer and photographer. We met at the 60 days workshop and we connected immediately. Her energy traveled throughout the whole space.

We had a lot of fun collaborating in this photoshoot with some of the dancers from the workshop. Tic Tac Art Centre, Brussels 2019.