Some words from Pilar Rodriguez Caton, founder of BIENCATON.

“BIENCATON is an ongoing project founded upon the idea; ‘inspired by and for dancers.’

As a professional dancer and fashion designer, for many years I thought I had to choose between the two, after a long and tiresome battle with myself, I chose dancing. I just love it more.

While I was in fashion school, my thesis focused on Sustainable Design and by the end, I was very disappointed and disheartened by the industry. I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.

A few years went by, and design came knocking on my door, I was asked to create some costumes for a dance piece, something that I always loved doing. From that day on, a dialogue was opened between me and my fellow dancers. 

I found my balance between dancing, design and creativity, a way to make dancing sustainable for me through something I believe in and that makes other people happy too. 

Can you imagine...somehow my hands are dancing with all these wonderful people"